About Us

Mission: At ACDC Labs (American Coin & Digital Currency), our mission is to revolutionize the precious metals industry by combining blockchain technology with the expertise of a licensed and bonded precious metals firm. We are committed to restoring utility and visibility to this dormant asset class through innovative solutions that provide transparency, security, and accessibility to collectors and investors worldwide.

Vision: As the first blockchain minting company founded atop a licensed and bonded precious metals firm, ACDC Labs envisions a future where hybrid, physical/digital precious metal issuance becomes the norm. By leveraging proprietary blockchain hardware technology and digital replica NFTs, we aim to redefine the way precious metals are bought, sold, and stored. Our vision is to create a seamless ecosystem where physical tagging technology and digital smart contracts work in harmony to address the proof of ownership, authentication, lending, legacy, and insurance challenges in the industry.

Hybrid Precious Metal Issuance: ACDC Labs is pioneering hybrid, physical/digital precious metal issuance that combines the tangible appeal of Gold and Silver coins with the efficiency and security of blockchain technology. By bridging the gap between physical assets and digital innovation, we offer collectors and investors a unique opportunity to engage with the world’s largest asset class in a modern and transparent manner. Our approach not only enhances utility and visibility but also ensures that issues such as proof of ownership, authentication, lending, legacy, and insurance are effectively addressed.

Join the Revolution: Join us at ACDC Labs as we lead the way in modernizing and expanding the interest of the precious metals industry. With a focus on privacy, utility, inclusion, and FUN, we invite current and future generations of collectors and investors to be part of this transformative journey. Experience the power of blockchain technology combined with the timeless allure of precious metals - together, we can shape a future where innovation and tradition intersect seamlessly. Welcome to the world of ACDC Labs - where the possibilities are as precious as the metals themselves.